ISM - National Capital Area

To ISM-NCA members:

As your outgoing affiliate President, I wanted to take a few moments to acknowledge the support we have received, and the challenges we have managed in our past year.

I thank all the Board members, volunteers, and ISM-NCA affiliate members for their continuing help in our mission to support member needs in pursuing their career advancement and education in the exciting world of Supply Chain Management. 

In this past year, we successfully renegotiated our venue contract with the Courtyard Marriott, which has continued to provide us with outstanding service, food and support.

Second, we produced two excellent and well-attended supplier nights (November, 2017 and March, 2018).  These were not only solid fund-raising events, but also provided outstanding opportunities for great networking and matchmaking between Buyers and Suppliers.  In the process we made significant updates to our listing of participating suppliers and brought new vendors into the mix to be qualified for future similar events.

Third, we provided many excellent dinner speakers on a wide range of important Supply Chain issues and topics.  These provided qualified CEU’s in professional development for all attendees and simplified a previously complex structure of multiple speakers into one for each meeting.

Additionally, after the departure of our excellent administrator Melanie Turner last year, we managed moving our affiliate thru a challenging transition of duties by apportioning administrative tasks across the spectrum of the board.  All board members should be proud of the job they did in taking on the additional workload and maintaining our effectiveness. My special thanks to Sharon Zinn for taking on the role of Recording Secretary which she performed flawlessly.

Lastly, we have successfully cast and produced our sequel movie, “Supply Chain 2: Past is Prologue”, which will be presented at our September, 2018 meeting.  The production was a great deal of fun for all and I appreciate all the cast members, especially those directly from our affiliate, who participated.  The mission to engage affiliate members in a career-related activity was a true success.

As Immediate Past President, I will work closely with our incoming President Lamar Wilson to provide continuing support and guidance in his new role and will stand by to assist the board in any additional capacity needed for the 2018 – 2019 season.

My parting message to all members is for each of you to take a closer look at your current career status.  Pursue your certifications in ISM, as they are outstanding credentials that look great on your wall, on your resume, and in your mind.  Your employer will likely pay for them as well.  Also, please note the board needs your assistance throughout the year, either as new board members, or assistants on a wide range of needed support activities. Please attend our dinner meetings, and volunteer your services to the board; the learning and growth opportunities for you cannot be overestimated.

Thanks again for granting me the honor and privilege to serve you over the past year. I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer. 

Best regards,

Frank Beachem